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AMT Electronics is a small company located in Omsk, Western Siberia, Russia. The company is run by Sergey Marichev and his son Yan.

Timeline (by Sergey Marichev)

  • 1982 - I built a copy of MINI MOOG analog synthesizer and some guitar effect pedals.
  • 1987 - a small company called Asia was set up. I ran the business along with other five enthusiasts - mostly musicians. The company manufactured guitar effects, electronic march drum kits which became very popular all over the country, and drum midi converters.
  • 1991 - the company’s name was changed to Asia MT (Asia Music Technology), and the production of the guitar effects became its main activity. From the technological point of view Asia MT’s products rose to a very high level. The original technical ideas and creative approach to solving various types of tasks resulted in the production of a series of effects accessible to Russian musicians.
  • 2001 - the company got its present name - AMT Electronics, it was also our first appearance at Musikmesse in Frankfurt. We've got our first worldwide contracts there!
  • 2005 - Our bestseller, the SS-20 Tube Guitar Preamp was born, a 100% original design.
  • 2007 - Another bestseller series was born: the Legend Amp series. And again the design was completely unique: high quality tube emulation based on our original JFET solution.
  • 2011 - This year brought us the amazing compact Tube Cake TC1 and TC3 power amplifiers based on our original JFET solution for tube emulation. It is lightweight, compact, solid and really good sounding.

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