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The Monolith is a fuzz based on a traditional fuzz circuit but it’s been tweaked and modified to be used with high-gain amps and humbucking pickups. It can sound great when set for 60’s and 70’s rock tones but it was designed from the ground up as a more versatile fuzz for the dirt channel on your favorite amp. The goal I had when designing it was to build a fuzz for myself that sounded killer with the dirty channel on my tube head. My amp’s dirt channel sounds great, I just wanted to add hair and girth to a tone I was already really happy with. I also needed to be in control of the unwanted feedback and noise as well as have great guitar volume knob interaction. It’s a perfect fit for Sludge/Stoner/doom or anything else where an articulate, fat, dissident and angry/crusty fuzz is needed. Sounds awesome with huge dissident chords! The filter section can be subtle or not-so-subtle and you can dial in different tones from pseudo octavers to subtle resonant and auto filters. If your amp sounds good this pedal will make it sound great. Comes in multi-coated flat black paint with backed black gloss enamel silkscreened graphics. Great care goes into every pedal and I only use the highest quality parts.

The controls from left to right are as follows:

  • (not shown) the Trailer Hitch toggle - OFF for standard tuning / ON to cut mud when using barritone /7 string or detuned guitars tuned to B and lower.

  • DRT Knob- at it’s lowest setting it gives just a nice touch of peach fuzz; dimed it’s got hair like a fat and dirty hippy.

  • FILTER in/out toggle - the on position makes feedback and noise totally controllable and makes your bridge position humbucker sound similar to a neck position humbucker when the guitar volume is at 100%; an absolute must for fat riffing, especially useful for single humbucker equipped guitars! As the guitar volume is rolled down, the filter becomes reminiscent of a notch filter, similar to a subtle stationary wah tone, but the frequency gets higher as the volume becomes lower. The picking dynamics you can get are awesome, like a really subtle autowah. If you like to use your volume knob when soloing, you will love the filter on this pedal. The off position simply bypasses the filter circuit.

  • Ω knob- can change voltage from 9V to 2.5V; I prefer it set to around 4 o’clock, which is about 7.5V, also provides indicator light via knob illumination.

  • VOICE select toggle- choose between high or low gain voicing. Low gain mode transistor sockets for the super tweakers. (The filter is tuned for the specific transistors I use so I don't recommend changing them.)

  • LVL knob- pinner to plump volume control; dimed is full volume, turning the LVL knob down engages a high-pass filter for a single coil p’up pinner tone. (with a lower overall volume, of coarse)


  • True Bypass switching
  • powered by a 9V battery or standard Boss style 9V AC adapter (not included)
  • measurements are 119.5 x 94 x 34mm or 4.72" x 3.71" x 1.33"

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