Amptweaker FatRock Distortion


Amptweaker (press release, July 10, 2013)

Introducing the Amptweaker FatRock Distortion Pedal

Sugar Hill, GA, July 10, 2013 - Since its introduction, the TightRock has been very popular, but as usual Amptweaker received many requests for a variation... The new FatRock is the culmination of discussions on online forums, from players who wanted a warmer version that worked better with brighter guitars and amps. All features are identical to the TightRock, but the tone has been tweaked  to extend the low range of the Tight and Tone controls, add a fixed Fat boost at the frontend for a slightly less aggressive attack, knocking the edge down, and boosting the lowend in the output EQ.

The SideTrak™ efects loop is a popular Amptweaker exclusive feature.  This extra efects loop turns OFF when the pedal is ON and can be used to add a compressor, chorus or chain of efects that only works when you play clean, or to switch to another distortion pedal to use for the rhythm or lead sound...all without having to hit more than one’s like having a built-in A/B box. 

Standard efects loop with Pre/Post switch is also included on the back, as well as the LED illumination of controls, Battery On/Of switch, and magnetic battery access door.

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