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Introducing the Amptweaker FatMetal distortion Pedal

Cumming, GA, Dec 9, 2014 - Amptweaker's popular TightMetal series distortion pedals have become a standard in metal tones and many metal artists are now touring with them. The FatMetal tweaked version is designed to meet the needs of the players seeking heavier, thicker distortion with less emphasis on palm-muted articulation.

A special Black gain switch was added to help get Black metal tones that typically use tremolo- or flutter-picking and less hard-stopping attack in their music. It simultaneously adds thicker sounding gain as it tweaks the built-in noise gate to tolerate this extra amount of heaviness. And much like the FatRock version of the TightRock, the highs have been tweaked for a smoother tone, and the noise gate was throttled down to reduce the effect of the gate stopping the notes quickly, resulting in more sustain.

Another use for the FatMetal is as a solo pedal when combined with the TightMetal used for rhythms. On the TightMetal Pro, it's easy to get this sound by alternately using the Fat switch for the Boost, which makes the solo tone thicker than the rhythm tone and helps with legato playing. On the FatMetal the popular SideTrak loop (works with the pedal OFF) was added, and if a TightMetal is patched into it, the system provides a 1-click solution for rhythm and lead tones. A delay can be patched into the back of the FatMetal for a great solo tone. As with all Amptweaker distortion pedals, the use of 18V versus 9V gives a more dynamic and slightly less compressed tone, much like the difference between a 100W and 50W amp head.

Standard Amptweaker features: LED illumination of controls, 14 gauge steel housing and true bypass switching.


Since its introduction, the TightMetal has been very popular, but as usual Amptweaker received many requests for a variation.....the new FatMetal is designed for players who wanted a warmer version that worked better with brighter guitars and amps, but also was less aimed at palm-muted metal, and worked better for tremolo-picking Black metal. All features are identical to the TightMetal, but the tone has been tweaked to extend the low range of the Tight and Tone controls, and an added Black Gain switch was added to boost the gain in an appropriate way to get the thicker, buzzier gain required for that genre.

The Thrash switch converts the basic tone into a heavier, more mid-scooped tone for classic vintage metal tones. The Black Gain switch modifies the gain from a moderately heavy metal distortion to a very thick and extreme metal tone that.  The TightMetal noise gate has also been retweaked to make it smoother, and to sound better with the reduced highs of the FatMetal to allow it to work better for solos.

Another cool Amptweaker feature on this pedal is the SideTrak™ effects loop. Several consumer requests led to this extra effects loop that turns OFF when the pedal is ON.  Since the FatMetal makes such a good 'solo' pedal, it's the perfect pedal to include this unique idea.

It can be used to add a compressor, chorus or chain of effects that only works when you play clean, or to switch to another distortion pedal like the TightMetal to use for the rhythm sound and the FatMetal for the solos...all without having to hit more than one's like having a built-in A/B box.  A green LED alternates with the normal red one to indicate that the loop is active when the pedal is bypassed.   

Another cool SideTrak trick is that if you only plug in the SideTrak Send, and don't plug in the Return, then that Sent dry signal can be sent to another amp.....meaning you could have the FatMetal going through a 412 halfstack while sending the clean tone to a Twin or some other clean amp.  All this ability comes from two simple jacks on the side of the pedal!

All other features from the TightMetal remain intact, including the Effects Loop with its Pre/Post switch, the LED illumination of the controls, and the Battery On/Off switch and magnetic battery access door. The rear effects loop send can also be used as a clean guitar send for re-amping in the studio if switched to Pre.

Features & specifications:

  • True Bypass switch
  • Tight Attack Control adjusts the attack
  • Gain, Tone, & Volume Controls
  • Noise Gate with auto threshold based on gain
  • EQ switch with Thrash mid-scooped setting
  • Black Gain Boost switch
  • EFX Loop with Pre/Post switch..tracks On/Off Ftsw
  • SideTrak™ EFX loop that works when pedal is bypassed!
  • LED lit knobs when using a power supply
  • Battery disconnect switch with red indicator
  • Current:  12mA with 9V battery, 28mA with 9V adapter
  • Works with 9V-18V supplies–like 'variacing' your amp up and down
  • DC Adapter jack, standard 2.1mm X 5.5mm, center ground(-)
  • Magnetic Battery access door opens w/o tools
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty 

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