Amptweaker was founded in 2009 by James Brown, a well-known amp design engineer for Peavey (creating the 5150 amplifier with Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani's signature amps,...) and Kustom. He builds the pedals with his wife in Cumming, GA, USA.

    Timeline (by James Brown)

    • September 2009: founded Amptweaker, while still working part-time at Kustom, and began developing the brand identity.
    • October 2009: launched the website and began gathering consumer ideas for products.
    • January 2010: introduced the first product, the TightDrive overdrive pedal.
    • February 2010: started shipping the TightDrives, and began developing the Bass TightDrive based on consumer requests.
    • April 2010: attended the Dallas Guitar Show and began adding dealers.
    • June 2010: began shipping pedals to distributors in Japan and South Korea.
    • August 2010: attended the Nashville Amp Expo and got help with consumers to finalize the TightBoost with built-in parked wah.
    • January 2011: attended our first NAMM show, in Anaheim, and introduced our biggest product so far... the TightMetal... with help from Mark Kloeppel from Misery Index.
    • July 2011: attended summer NAMM at Nashville, and introduced the TightRock distortion pedal with the consumer idea SideTrak loop, a loop that's on when the pedal is off.
    • September 2011: left Kustom due to overwhelming back-orders of Amptweaker pedals.

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