Alter Ego Damnation 1692



Alter Ego Effectors

  • Type: Distortion / Gain Booster
  • Sound: Traditional 70's and 80's Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock, Heavy Rock.
  • Dark, Crunch, Natural, Warm, Heavily Overdriven, Classic, Tube-like tone.

Numbered Limited First Edition, Version One: "Monochromatic Gloom" (DM-MG-1692)
Black, White and Grey color scheme. Slightly distressed Old English style text.
This color scheme is limited to only 1,692 pedals Worldwide.
(1692 was the year that the Salem Witch Trials were held in Salem, Massachusetts. Colonial, pre-U.S.A.)

About the Alter Ego Effectors Damnation Limited Edition Concept Pedal:

The limited edition Damnation distortion concept pedal produces a very tube-like, hot-rodded, crunch tone. It's not a typical, super high gain, Metalcore kind of sound...but that doesn't mean it's not heavy. This pedal has a truly dark, sinister, tonal character. Damnation resembles the sound of a massively overdriven, classic tube stack being pushed to its limit. It reminds me of a 1980's British sound, but with a twist. This pedal's sound is bold and filthy - with power to cut through any mix. However, the following must be stressed: If you are looking for a clinical, overly bright, swarming bees, hissing, totally saturated, ultra high gain sound, this pedal IS NOT for you. Please don't buy it. It's all about nasty, primal, crunch with this one. This pedal has a very natural analog feel to it. Warm, but still very heavy and abrasive. So again, if you don't always like the sound of many harsh, sterile, high gain distortion pedals, but are still looking for something dark and dirty, Damnation may be right up your alley.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm doing my best to describe this pedal in detail. I just can't sum up this pedal with only a few sentences. Please bear with me ;-) I do my best to explain things thoroughly and try to keep the BS to a minimum. I've been playing guitar for over 20 years and will not sell you something that I myself wouldn't use. This pedal is part of my own pedalboard and is definitely one of my favorites.

Damnation is great for old school Heavy Metal, but it's also good for any style of music where a truly raw, gritty, organic tone is required. From Black Metal to Classic Rock, Damnation can do it. This pedal is also perfect for fans of Stoner Rock that may already have a Fuzz pedal, but would also like a pedal for more of a crunchy, traditional kind of distortion.

With the gain dialed back, Damnation has a chunky, late 1970's / early 1980's British bite. With the pedal's gain cranked to 10, Damnation delivers a huge, crushing, modern edged sound. This pedal is truly versatile and can produce tones suitable for many different genres of music.

On a low gain setting, Damnation can be used a gain booster pedal in front of an already overdriven amp. This pedal loves tube amps! Damnation can provide a robust punch of gain that will turn your amp into a raging beast. This pedal has a very mean, rough-around-the-edges, growl thanks in part to its 4558 chip (a chip that is used in many classic tube screamers).

While this pedal is voiced fairly dark, your notes still attack and ring with razor sharp clarity. Damnation is great for fat, monolithic, power chord riffs, but also perfect for thick, soulful leads. I personally like using this pedal along with my digital reverb pedal to get a haunting, doomy kind of sound. Add your own EQ, chorus, delay etc. and the sky's the limit. This pedal provides a great foundation to build off of.

Damnation pedal features and specifications:

  • 1 year Alter Ego Effectors limited warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Every Alter Ego Damnation pedal comes with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by the pedal's concept designer.
  • Each pedal features it's own unique sequentially numbered holographic security seal.
  • Controls for Level (Agony), Gain (Wrath), Bass (Doom) and Treble (Curse).
  • Tough metal enclosure, not cheap plastic. Smart, retro/modern design. Built like a tank.
  • Classic style hardwire bypass / engage switch.
  • Bright red battery/power status L.E.D.
  • Power supply: DC9V or 9 volt battery (both not included, the pedal can be powered with many common 9 volt DC guitar pedal adapters. Standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel plug, negative center, positive sleeve.)
  • Power Consumption: 8mA (active), 4mA (bypass)
  • Pedal Dimensions: 75.5 (w) x 115.5 (h) x 47.5 (d) (mm)

I also personally test every pedal before shipping to the customer. Your pedal is guaranteed to be in tip top shape when it arrives at your door! This pedal ships with its own high quality, white Indestructo storage box with bubble wrap cushion. Simple and effective. There is no fancy retail packaging as this limited edition concept pedal is not sold in stores.

The Limited Edition Damnation concept pedal has the overall feel of many high priced boutique pedals, but at a fraction of the cost. This pedal truly does sound great and is built to last. If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary dirt box to add to your collection, without breaking the bank, this is definitely it! This pedal will make a fine addition to any pedalboard.

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