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The new Allen Sole-Mate all-tube handwired overdrive pedal! Built just like a vintage tube guitar amp chassis with eyelet board mounted components and a 300V DC 3-stage filtered power supply (no wall wart!).

Clean channel has a single gain stage and a volume control to allow adjustment of this channel relative to the overdrive channel. It is meant to be transparent and not color the tone but can also be used to "push" the front end of low gain amps.

The overdrive channel has 3 gain stages plus a cathode-follower like the 5F6A/Plexi and a Plexi style tone-stack after the gain stages. It features a GAIN control, TREBLE and BASS controls and a MASTER control so you can dial in the level of distortion you want. A FAT switch affects both channels for increased bottom end performance lacking in many overdrive pedals.

Black powder-coated steel enclosure, glass epoxy eyelet board, chrome tube shields, jewelled pilot light, Carling power switch, Sprague Atom filter capacitors, Mallory M150 tone capacitors, Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 tubes and many other top quality components are provided.

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