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Alien Amplification

Alive and organic - Marshmallow's stunning distortion was designed for maximum versatility, excelling in anything from blues to metal mayhem. All the power, texture and harmonic richness found in the beloved Marshall® line - from the revered Plexi up to their modern hi-gain beasts – now available from a single pedal unit, that will surprise and inspire you.

We encourage you to experiment with the dynamic interaction between the VOLUME and GAIN controls, which work together to achieve a multitude of radically different tones.

  • True Bypass Switching
  • 130mm x 90mm x 50mm
  • 1.5 mm steel enclosure
  • Electrostatic painting with silkscreened graphics
  • 3mm industrial-grade rubber base
  • Amphenol®-Australia connectors
  • 16mm Alpha® pots
  • 9V DC - external power supply or battery

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