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Journey with us to a magical land:  A land where guitars pulsate and chop. A land where subtle color gives way to juicy swoosh. A land where icy cliffs tower above shining cities.  Welcome to Waveland.


  • RATE - adjust the modulation speed from glacial to gee-whiz.
  • DEPTH - controls the amount of modulation.
  • TWEAK - Controls a different parameter in each mode.  Please see the mode descriptions for more details.
  • MIX - Controls the blend between fully dry (clean) and fully wet (effected) sound. 12 o’clock is an equal mix of clean and modulated signal.

*Hint: The Mix knob changes the flavor of the modulation drastically from mode to mode.  In Tremolo mode, the Mix knob is the key to subtle watery sounds.  In Chorus mode this control may be used to dial in a rich chorus or a clean vibrato.  Finally, in Phaser mode the deepest phase sounds are found with the Mix control centered.  

Mode Toggle:

  • Tremolo - Tube, bias, and opto amplifier tremolo sounds live here.  The Tweak control changes the wave shape of the modulation, from a smooth sine all the way to a narrow pulse.  The the Tweak control at 11 o'clock for a great Blackface trem.
  • Chorus - Clean 1980's style analog chorus tones are this mode's specialty.  The Tweak knob controls the number of voices in the chorus.  Low settings have a single voice like the earliest compact chorus units.  Set Tweak higher for dual, quad, and eight voice chorusing like high-end rackmount units.  Warning - it can get pretty lush in here!
  • Phaser - THE modulation of the 1970s!  Dial in your ideal phase sound using the Rate and Depth controls, then blend in adjustable feedback on the Tweak knob.  The Phaser mode can also do a very cool sounding vibrato with the Mix knob fully clockwise.

Bypass Switching:

Waveland features buffered bypass switching using a soft-touch bypass footswitch.  Waveland will power on in either bypass mode or effect mode (useful if you are using the pedal with a remote bypass switching system.)  Hold the footswitch at boot to toggle between bypass and effect startup modes.  The pedal remembers your settings when the power is removed.

Mod Rate and Ramping:

Waveland features a Rate / Ramp footswitch to allow the player to create amazing performance effects.  Rather than a static tap tempo which sets the modulation rate for the song, we have incorporated a two-speed system similar to the first "ensemble chorus" pedal or a rotary speaker.  Tapping the Rate / Ramp footswitch changes the lower LED from red to green.  Use the Rate knob to set the speed in each mode, and then tap the Rate / Ramp footswitch to toggle between the preset speeds.  By default, Waveland will "ramp," or slowly change between the two modulation rates.  Hold the Rate / Ramp footswitch to change the ramp option from no ramp (LED turns off briefly) all the way to a very slow ramp (LED blinks four times.)  Waveland remembers your preset rates as well as your ramp setting.

Power Supply:

Waveland requires a 9V DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative.  Waveland is not designed to be powered on supplies higher than 9V and does not use a battery.  Waveland should work fine on a multi-pedal "daisy chain" connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply.  Waveland requires approximately 60mA.

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