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The Radical Delay takes us into a future that never was, where we fly on hover boards over the laser grid, and cities made of neon light never sleep.  The Radical Delay is a re-imagining of the classic digital delay sounds of the 1980's, with some modern and unique twists.


  • Time - adjust the maximum delay time from <10ms to >900ms.

  • Repeat - controls the feedback or repeats of the delay.

  • Tweak - performs different functions in each mode, please see the mode descriptions for full details.

  • Mix - controls the blend between clean and echo sound.  This control ranges from fully dry to fully wet, so that "echo-only" output is possible.  12 o'clock is an equal mix of clean and echo.

Mode Toggle:

  • Mod - this is a super-clean digital delay with an adjustable modulation control.  The Tweak controls both the speed and depth of the modulation.  At 12 o'clock there is no modulation, clockwise adds a slow chorus and counter-clockwise adds a fast vibrato.  The Tweak knob works even when the delay time is at its minimum setting, which allows the Radical Delay to function as an awesome digital chorus pedal.

  • Glitch - the Glitch mode takes our pristine digital delay and mangles it in unusual and interesting ways.  With the Tweak knob fully counter-clockwise, the Radical Delay will echo exactly what you put in.  Turn the Tweak knob clockwise to add some "ghost in the machine" style digital glitches and odd pitch modulation.  With the Tweak knob fully clockwise the Radical Delay output sounds more like a synthesizer or video game console.  As with the Mod mode, the Tweak knob works even when the delay is at its minimum setting, allowing the Radical Delay to act as a dedicated "bleep bloop" robot machine.

  • Bend - the final mode adds pitch shifting to the delay.  Turn the Tweak knob counter clockwise to shift the pitch down, clockwise to shift up.  The pitch shifter in the Radical Delay is based on the very earliest digital technology and is "uncorellated," so it produces audible glitches that increase as the shift interval increases.  Each time the delay repeats the pitch shifter will shift the new notes, resulting in a "bending" effect as the delay spirals up or down.  The Tweak knob works even with the delay at minimum, so the Radical Delay can operate as a glitchy pitch shifter.  Try blending the dry signal in with a pitch shift for cool computer-sounding harmony lines.

Power Supply:

The Radical Delay requires a 9V DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative.  The Radical Delay is not designed to be powered on supplies higher than 9V and does not use a battery.  The Radical Delay should work fine on a multi-pedal "daisy chain" connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply.



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