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There is nary a guitarist among us who doesn’t enjoy a nice delay. Though, if you admitted your love throughout history, it would mean a few different types of delay. Perhaps no effect type has seen its sound change with technology as much as delay has, and Alexander’s History Lesson II invites you back to certain time periods when “delay” was still figuring itself out.

Standard controls govern the History Lesson II—Mix, Feedback and Time, with a fourth knob, Mod (which changes depending on the mode) and a secondary Tone control. This Tone control is new to the V2, and brightens or darkens the repeats of the selected year. Imagine: a bright analog delay or a murky digital delay; this is what awaits you, delay explorer.

The three years given by the History Lesson II are 1963, 1977 and 1984. Each conjures up a different image of delay.

Starting in 1963, the golden age of tape delay, we have a lush studio-style tape echo. The Mod knob controls the amount of wow and flutter in the virtual tape machine.

1977 is the year of the bucket-brigade chip, a time when engineers used specially-designed chips to achieve solid-state delays without moving parts. The results were a little murky and this sound came to define the delay of its era. The Mod control adds either chorus or vibrato modulation to the repeats.

In 1984, we were blessed with digital delays, and they quickly found their way to racks and pedalboards everywhere. This mode gives a crystal-clear digital delay tone, where the repeats sound just like the input signal. The Mod control offers pitch modulation—a mainstay in rack units of the time.

The History Lesson II also has a dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch, with selectable subdivisions by pressing and holding the switch. This allows you to do wild things like play dotted eighth notes on a tape delay. ThereÂ’s also a dedicated stereo out that lets you route the signal in interesting ways or get the true stereo ping-pong experience. Hit the books.

Alexander Pedals History Lesson II Delay features:

  • Three modes: 1963, 1977 and 1984
  • New Tone control and stereo outs
  • Tap tempo with subdivisions
  • Made in USA
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

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