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This is the overdrive you want in your line-up.

Whether youÂ’re at home or away, the Clang Championship Edition is sure to be your go-to designated hitter for great tones.  Batter up!

Production is limited to sixteen units worldwide.  A portion of each sale will be donated to Cubs Care, helping Chicagoland families since 1986.

The Clang Championship Edition brings back the Princess Clang Royal Overdrive pedal, with a fresh look and a few new twists.  We've retained the silent-switching true-bypass system, but we've been able to source an even quieter mechanical relay than before for pop-free switching.  We've also added a user-selectable mute option to completely eliminate any switching noise.  Finally, we reversed the direction of the Contour control, so that rotating it clockwise adds mids instead of scooping.  We're not going to pretend that this pedal is transparent or any other buzzwords.  It's more like a buzz-saw.  Crank it up and have some fun, the curse has been lifted.


  • Level: Controls the output level of the pedal.
  • Drive: Adjusts the gain and distortion of the pedal.
  • Bass / Treble: Passive two-band tone stack, voiced like a British amplifier. 
  • Contour: Active midrange filter, scoops mids counterclockwise and adds mids clockwise.

Bypass Switching:

The Clang features true bypass switching using a latching relay and a soft-touch bypass footswitch.  The Clang features true-bypass switching using a soft-touch bypass footswitch.  The Clang has an optional noise-cancelling circuit which can act to suppress pops and clicks when switching the effect.  Hold the footswitch at boot to toggle between normal and muting modes.  The pedal remembers your settings when the power is removed.

Power Supply:

The Clang requires a DC power supply with a 2.1mm pin, center negative.  The Clang will operate on power supply voltages up to 18V and does not use a battery.  The Clang should work fine on a multi-pedal "daisy chain" connector, but if you encounter excessive noise or hum try a separate power supply.  The Clang requires approx. 18mA.

Available from Rock N Roll Vintage

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