Alesis ModFx Philtre



  • Type
    The TYPE switch selects the kind of filter as shown by the LEDs next to the switch: Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop (notch).
  • Regen
    Regeneration: this increases gain at the filter corner for a sharper filter peak. In Band modes it also sets the width of the band.
  • Phreeq
    Determines the frequency center or corner of the filter.
  • Steep
    This increases the slope of the chosen filter curves.
  • Reset Mod
    Retarts the modulation from the beginning of its cycle. Generates a trigger in TRIGGERED mode, or changes the pattern in PATTERN mode.
  • Tap Tempo
    Active in TEMPO SYNC mode only. Tap a regular beat on this button, and the mod speed of the Philtre will be set at some multiple of that beat, as set by the RATE knobs.
  • Modulation
    selects the type of wave used to modulate the filter frequency: Triangle, Sample/Hold, Triggered, Envelope, Pattern, Tempo Sync
  • Rate
    knob affects the modulation speed, in cooperation with the TEMPO SYNC and TAP TEMPO buttons.
  • Depth
    controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation (the size of the range in which the effect sweeps).


the manual

  • Four different filter types, with steep slope switch and adjustable regeneration
  • Five different modulation sources, including Trigger and Envelope for note-by-note filter sweeping
  • Tempo synchronization keeps filter effect in time with the music
  • Tap Tempo makes it easy to set the speed of modulation by tapping a beat on the top panel
  • Uniform, friendly, uncomplicated user interface-no fiddling with complicated menus or "hidden" knobs
  • Reset Mod lets you reset the phase of any modulation shape from its beginning
  • Stereo processing via four 1/4" unbalanced connectors
  • ModLink port, a cable-free connection that transfers digital audio and word clock to other boxes in the ModFX family
  • Footswitch connection to control the bypass function
  • Ability to mount 3 ModFX boxes in the optional ModFX rack adapter
  • Input trim control to adjust input level
  • Internal 28-bit digital processing
  • 24-bit D/A and A/D conversion at 48kHz sampling rate for quiet, distortion-free effects
  • External 9VAC power supply included
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