Alesis ModFx Metavox



  • Synthesis Input
    This selects the internal oscillator wave or external input (as shown by the LEDs next to the switch) that will be vocoded by the input.
    lets signal pass through without any effects.
  • Reset Mod
    Restarts the modulation from the beginning of its cycle. Generates a trigger in TRIGGERED mode, or changes the pattern in PATTERN mode.
  • Tap Tempo
    If MODULATION is in TEMPO SYNC mode, tap a beat on this button, and the speed of the modulation will be set at some multiple of that beat, as set by the RATE knob.
  • Modulation
    switch selects what kind of mod source will be applied to the internal SAW or SQUARE wave, and whether the Modulation speed is in Tempo Sync mode (see LEDs to the left)
  • Phreeq
    sets the frequency of the internal oscillator when SYNTHESIS IN is set to SAW, RECTIFIED or SQUARE.
  • Sibilance
    controls how much of the high-end consonant sounds will be injected into the vocoder’s output.
  • Rate
    affects the speed of modulation, in cooperation with TEMPO SYNC and the TAP TEMPO button.
  • Depth
    controls how much the internal oscillator will be modulated.
  • Trim
    this controls ONLY the LEFT input, and has no effect on the right.


the manual

The Metavox features a built-in oscillator section, complete with several kinds of modulation, that can be controlled by an incoming stereo signal. Alternatively, it can produce a vocoding effect on any external source plugged into the right input, with the controlling (voice) source plugged into the left input.

Metavox Key Features

  • One-oscillator vocoder with four built-in waveforms (saw, rectified saw, square, and noise) in a compact box
  • Can vocode external sources, for polyphonic vocoding of an external synthesizer, guitar, etc.
  • Built-in modulation of internal oscillator by any of five different mod sources
  • Tempo Sync keeps modulation in time with the music
  • Tap Tempo makes it easy to set the speed of modulation by tapping a beat on the top panel
  • Reset Mod lets you reset the phase of any modulation shape from its beginning
  • Uniform, friendly, uncomplicated user interface-no fiddling with complicated menus or "hidden" knobs
  • Stereo processing via four 1/4" unbalanced connectors
  • ModLink port, a cable-free connection that transfers digital audio and word clock to other ModFX units
  • Footswitch connection to control the bypass function
  • Ability to mount 3 ModFX boxes in the optional ModFX rack adapter
  • Input trim control to adjust input level
  • Internal 28-bit digital processing
  • 24-bit D/A and A/D conversion at 48kHz sampling rate for quiet, distortion-free effects
  • External 9VAC power supply included

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