Alesis ModFx Faze



  • Type
    selects the timbre of phasing effect, and how the left channel and the right channel of the Faze relate to eachother, as shown by the LEDs next to the switch.
  • Center
    Determines the frequency center the phasor's filters will modulate around.
  • Regen
    makes the phasing effect more dramatic, by feeding the output back into the input. The 12 o'clock position turns Regen off.
  • Reset Mod
    Restarts the phasor from the beginning of its cycle. Changes the pattern in Pattern mode.
  • Tap Tempo
    Active in Tempo Sync mode only. Tap a regular beat on this button, and the modspeed of the Faze will be set at some multiple of that beat, as determined by the Rate knob.
  • Modulation
    selects the type of wave used to modulate the phasor.
  • Rate
    Affects the phasing speed, in cooperation with the Tempo Sync and Tap Tempo buttons.
  • Depth
    Affects the depth of the modulation.


the manual

  • Digital emulation of classic stereo phaser effects, with five different modulation sources
  • Uniform, friendly, uncomplicated user interface-no fiddling with complicated menus or "hidden" knobs
  • Tempo synchronization keeps phasing effect in time with the music
  • Tap Tempo makes it easy to set the speed of phasing by tapping a beat on the top panel
  • Reset Mod lets you reset the phase of any modulation shape from its beginning
  • Stereo processing via four 1/4" unbalanced connectors
  • ModLink port, a cable-free connection that transfers digital audio and word clock to other boxes in the ModFX family
  • Footswitch connection to control the bypass function
  • Ability to mount 3 ModFX boxes in the optional ModFX rack adapter
  • Input trim control to adjust input level
  • Internal 28-bit digital processing
  • 24-bit D/A and A/D conversion at 48kHz sampling rate for quiet, distortion-free effects
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