Alesis AcoustiFX



AcoustiFX is a floor multi-effects unit which puts formidable effects processing technology beneath the feet of musicians, at an incredibly low price. The AcoustiFX is a full-featured DSP toolbox, designed to deliver incredible-sounding modulation effects, delays and reverbs-all in a compact, easy-to-use pedalboard for stage and studio applications.

AcoustiFX is based on proven Alesis DSP technology, and comes loaded with a huge array of 24-bit amp models, effects, and reverb. It features 40 user-editable programs, an auto chromatic tuner, and an expression pedal input.

The user can select from a wide variety of “factory preset” multi-effect programs, or edit them and create their own programs using the control surface. Two large foot pedals allow the user to scroll through the presets (factory and user), as well as bypass the effects or mute the output.


  • Durable, stage-friendly pedalboard design
  • 40 programs, each a factory preset that can be edited by user or restored to factory default
  • 6 effects modules, each with multiple selectable effects, over 20 different effects, innumerable effects combinations
  • 9V DC or battery powered operation
  • External power option
  • Built-in auto-chromatic tuner
  • Simple user interface


  • TYPE
    • Includes:
      • Clean
      • Warm
      • Bright
      • Rhythm
      • Jumbo
      • Drive
    • Includes:
      • EQ
      • Edge
      • Comp/Limiter
      • Hum Cancel
      • Noise Gate
    • 25 algorithms, 19 effects, 6 effects modules
    • 40 preset/user programs
    • Includes:
      • Chorus
      • Phaser
      • Flanger
      • Tremolo
      • 12-String
      • Slow Attack
      • Step Filter
      • Wah
      • Rotary
      • Cry
      • Hall
      • Room
      • Plate
      • Reverse
      • Doubling
      • Stereo Delay
      • Ping Pong
      • Tape Delay
      • Echo
    • Top: Effect selector knob, value knob. Increment/decrement/bypass pedals. 2-character LED readout
    • Audio: 1 guitar in, 1 stereo line/headphone out (1/4" TRS)
    • Other: Expression pedal in (1/4" TRS)
    • Internal DSP: 28-bit resolution
    • Input and output converters: 20-bit/31.25kHz
    • Frequency response: 20Hz-15kHz +/- 0.5dB
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: 80dB (A-weighted)
    • Distortion: 0.06% THD+N
    • Input levels: -15dBV nominal, +3.5dBV maximum
    • Output level: -2dBV maximum
    • Power: 9V DC or 4 AA batteries
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 7.5" x 5.5" x 1.6" (190mm x 140mm x 61mm)
    • Weight (without batteries): 15.7 oz. (445g)

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