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Alen Geere

Alen Geere Loverdrive has 3 gain stages and it is designed for middle and high gain stages. Its character turns Tweed based amps (Blues Jr, Classic 30 etc.) into a level called “Mark”. It sound like Californian amps but it can sound moderner if it is set so.

The Level knob control the output level  and the gain knob controls the gain level. When you increase the gain knob, the output level of the pedal is not effected cause of it. Tone control is already steady so it’s not necessary to add a knob. When you remove the bottom cover you will see 3 little control potentiometers.

This is the most important feature of this pedal. This potentiometers controls the voltages of the transistors. Every product is put in the box with the same setting. This is the most stable way you to use it. Tr1 controls input level, Tr2 controls gain level and shape, Tr3 controls output level. If you change the settings of the potentiometers you get a very large tone scale. Mid Frequency that is appears as a result of  Tr2 provides a larger scale.

You can run Loverdrive with a supply up to 18 V. In this case it provides a larger headroom and a character called “Blackface”. Alen Geere Charge Pump is the best solution. Actually 9 Volt adapters can run the pedal and it only needs 5mA. If you prefer to use batteries, you can use the pedal for a very long time.

When you lower you guitar’s volume it lets you have a clean rhythm sound, maximizing the volume will let you have a warm and fluent solo tones. You can use this versatile pedal in every pedal combination. Loverdrive is waiting for you with power of love.

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