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Sun Beam Magic Drive is a very versatile transparent/light overdrive pedal. The pedal is incredibly sensitive and responsive. It features a bright, but at the same time great, density rich tone. The four adjustment knobs allow you to model your guitar sound in a variety of ways. You can make it sound transparent and melodic, or smooth and dense. The pedal allows you to play in many light music styles, such as classic rock, rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues, jazz, etc. The Sun Beam is true bypass with next to no noise, even at max drive. The unit may also be used as a booster pedal.


  • Volume. Designed to adjust the output volume level from the pedal to your amplifier.
  • Tone. Allows to set the desired balance between high and low frequencies. Even at max position the tone is warm and pleasing to the ear.
  • Dense. Makes the sound thicker, compressed, adds the low end and density to the tone.
  • Drive. The control allows to obtain extra light, transparent and bright drive at low gain settings. Smooth, density rich overdrive at the max position.


  • Great and sweet sounding Booster/Overdrive pedal
  • All pedals are hand built, numbered, personally signed and tested by Aleks K
  • Fantastic sound, very versatile with unlimited capabilities
  • Works best for: classic rock, country, blues, jazz and other light style music
  • Sounds great with any guitar or amp
  • 4 easy to use controls
  • Dense knob makes the sound smooth, compressed and adds the low end
  • Warm tone control
  • Transparent/light melodic drive 
  • Very low noise even at maximum drive
  • Top quality components only from world famous manufacturers
  • All components are RoHS certified
  • Custom, heavy-duty, durable steel enclosures manufactured in Canada
  • Top quality Galaxy Gold metallic paint
  • Canada made PCB's with silver/nickel tracks
  • Lead free, high quality, RoHS compliant solder for best conductivity
  • Knobs with phosphorus glow indicators
  • Dustcovers on potentiometers
  • True Bypass switching
  • Durable Alpha footswitch
  • High quality Alpha potentiometers
  • High quality IC chips from Texas Instruments (USA)
  • High quality transistors from Central Semiconductor (USA)
  • High quality diodes from Fairchild Semiconductor and Central Semiconductor (USA)
  • High quality capacitors from Kemet (USA) and Panasonic (JAPAN)
  • High quality 1% tolerance Vishay/Dale military use resistors (USA)
  • High quality tinned oxygen free copper wires (CANADA)
  • High quality in/out jacks from Switchcraft (USA)
  • High quality power jacks from Kobiconn (USA)
  • Works from a standard 9V or 12V DC negative tip adapter
  • Works from a 9V alkaline battery
  • 2 years warranty

Thank you for your interest in Sun Beam Magic Drive! Our products – that is traditional Canadian quality. We are confident that the Sun Beam will help its owner's musical creativity and bring much joy and pleasure.

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