Akai W1 Variwah


  • Pedal Assign
    Width to change Swell wah depth
    Speed to change Swell wah speed
    Offset to change the range of wah filter movement.
    Sens to change touch sensitivity.
    Pedal Wah all knobs are ignored and pedal performs for the pedal wah.

Swell Wah

  • Width
    sets the width of the oscillator.
  • Speed
    sets the speed of the oscillator.
  • Offset
    adjusts the range of wah filter movement.

Touch Wah

  • Touch Sensitivity
    sets the threshold level for the touch wah filter.
  • Attack Time
    sets the response time for the touch wah filter.



The award-winning VARIWAH is possibly the most versatile wah pedal ever made offering pedal wah, touch wah and also a velocity sensitive auto wah in one pedal.
Touch wah settings control the automatic wah each time a chord or note exceeds the touch sensitivity threshold.

The touch sensitive auto-wah allows you to apply LFO swept wah effects but, furthermore, the effect can be controlled by your playing technique - it can be set so that agressive playing activates the effect or vice versa.
VARIWAH features a foot switch and assignable foot pedal which can control many user defined settings. Regardless of wah mode, the foot pedal can be used to change wah speed or depth and can also be specifically assigned to change swell wah depth, swell wah speed, wah filter movement and touch sensitivity.


  • Pedal wah, Touch wah and auto wah effects in one pedal
  • Unique touch sensitive auto-wah effect that is controlled by your playing technique
  • Use the pedal for traditional pedal wah effects
  • Use the pedal to change auto-wah speed or depth
  • Assign pedal to WIDTH to change auto-wah depth
  • Assign pedal to SPEED to changeauto-wah speed
  • Assign pedal to OFFSET to change the range of wah filter movement
  • Assign pedal to SENS to change touch sensitivity
  • True Bypass

Dimensions : 218mm (w) x 185mm (D) x 97mm (H)


myFXDB user reviews

1 review, average score of 2.5 / 10

2014-03-182.5/10  has an interesting wah-cum-tremolo modePoor pedal throw and not linear.

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