Akai UB1 Unibass Harmonised Bass Distortion


  • Output Level
  • Distortion
  • Tone
  • Input Level
  • Noise Gate Threshold
  • Switch Mode (Latch/Unlatch)
  • Select (Add Lower 4th/Solo/Add Upper 5th)
  • Modify (On/Off)


Dimensions : 140mm (w) x 175mm (D) x 61mm (H)


You know the feeling - you play in a traditional guitar, bass and drums 3-piece but when the guitarist takes a solo, your band sounds empty.

Enter the UB1 UNIBASS.

The UB1 allows you to add an octave above whatever you play on your bass to keep the rhythm sound full while your guitarist wails away on lead. You can also add a 5th above (or a 4th below) the octave to retain the feel of guitar 'chords' underpinning your guitarist's deft pyrotechnics.

Furthermore, you can add distortion to the harmony to complete the illusion.

Operation is simple. Set the controls as necessary and, at the appropriate moment, engage - your bass will not only drive your band along but it will also generate unison and/or chordal guitar accompaniment filling the hole left by your guitarist's solo.

  • Add an octave above what you play so you can simulate the sound of bass and guitar playing in octaves
  • Add a 5th above or a 4th below the octave sound
  • Powerful distortion for the sound of an overdriven guitar
  • Seperate outputs allow you to route direct bass signal to a bass amp and effect signal to a guitar amp

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