Akai E1 Headrush


  • Level
  • HF Damp
  • Feedback
  • Time Coarse / Time
  • Time Fine / Gap
  • Ratio
  • Tape Echo / Normal Delay / Looping Rec
  • On/Off / Play/Stop
  • Tap Tempo / Rec/OverDub



The award-winning HEADRUSH is the first effects pedal offering not only high quality delay effects but also tape echo simulation and a looping recorder in one.

User selectable delay options allow for maximum control of signal output and include several real-time timing and level adjustment selections as well as feedback level for repeats.

HEADRUSH can also simulate a 4-head analog tape echo machine. Furthermore, the outputs of each of these virtual heads appear on individual outputs for ultimate flexibility when used with an external mixing console.

The LOOPING RECORDER mode allows you to record and overdub layer after layer of sound - an unbelievable live performance tool.

Depending upon which mode is selected, the left switch controls the on/off and play/stop functions while the right switch sets the tap delay time or recording and overdub options. The LED display indicates which effect in use and blinks in time showing the delay time selected.


  • 16 bit Digital Delay - Delay time from 0.5ms to an astonishing 23.8 sec maximum
  • Tape Echo mode with four individual outputs for each head
  • Looping Recorder with overdub mode - Powerful tool for solo performances
  • HEAD GAP adjusts the delay time between the heads
  • HF DAMP simulates an analog delay sound
  • FEEDBACK sets the feedback level for repeat times
  • RATIO allows adjustment of wet and dry mix
  • Real-time delay control - sets delay time by tapping footswitch twice

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