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The Akai Shred-O-Matic is totally unique in that it offers both creamy 12AX7A tube distortion and edgy solid-state distortion all in one convenient unit.

Using Shred-O-Matic's MIX function in either TUBE or DIODE mode allows you to control the distortion with your playing technique - when playing softly, the signal is routed only through the tube section, resulting in a mellow, low-level distortion whilst harder playing will mix the warm, low-level output of the tube section with the screaming output of the diode section.

For maximum flexibility, two user selectable modes are also available, SMOOTH, providing a gradual change between tube and diode and PASSION, providing an abrupt change.

Shred-O-Matic features easy-to-see and easy-to-use controls including output level control and LED indicator for distortion mode. The foot switch turns the effects on and off and when the unit is off, the 'true bypass' function allows the signal to completely bypass the unit without the circuitry colouring the straight sound.

The Shred-O-Matic allows you to choose between several distortion modes:

  • TUBE: Provides the warm, fat sound of tube distortion
  • DIODE: Provides the harder, edgier sound of diode distortion
  • MIX: The mix is determined by player dynamics

The Shred-O-Matic's foot pedal can be used to control the drive level allowing you to adjustl distortion instinctively and intuitively. Alternatively, it can be used to control output level and so be used as a swell pedal for those distinctive 'violin' effects.

The Shred-O-Matic - quite possibly the most flexible distortion pedal available offering both valve and solid-state distortion plus real-time pedal performance control.

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