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Warning! This is NOT a tubescreamer in any way!

Still with us? Good. You won't regret it.

The Solar Flare Transparent Overdrive is an extremely organic and dynamic Dual Mode Overdrive that sounds even more badass than it looks. And that's no easy feat!!

What we've done is taken the famous Klon Centaur circuit and added every bit of Airis Effects Mojo that we could.

We've changed out the clipping section to give it a more modern tone overall as well as modified the tone stack to thicken up the treble a bit.

If that's not enough, each mode has its own flavor that's sure to please.

Gamma Mode:

This is closer to the original Centaur circuit. It's full and crisp, but still very transparent. If your amp is decently tight to begin with, you may never leave this mode. It's truly phenomenal.

Plasma Mode:

This is where things start to get crazy! Kick in Plasma Mode and the first thing you'll notice is the tightness! The Low end is tightened and the highs are brought up a bit to add some serious bite and heat to your tone.

If you're looking for an overdrive that leaves your guitars natural tone intact but gives you more of everything you love, then you NEED a Solar Flare. From an internal charge pump that runs it at a higher voltage, to the quality components and craftsmanship, the Solar Flare is sure to please.

Another thing we should mention is that the Modern Solar Flare is NOT true bypass. But trust us, you'll love it. The Centaur buffer has been regarding as the ultimate in signal retention. Even a super long cable run won't aeffect the sweet high end that your guitar puts out.

Gain/Volume/Tone/Mode controls

Powered by 2.1mm 9volt negative tip DC adapter.

Hand built in Ontario, Canada

2 Year Warranty

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