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Here is the Pick Your Poison Tuner Mute, A/B, Effects Looper Pedal by AGW. Hand wired and soldered in Michigan, USA! It has an input that can be switched to output A or B, used to turn on and off multiple pedals at once, or used to keep your tuner pedal out of the signal path of the guitar to the amplifier to avoid loss of tone from non true bypass pedals. This is a True Bypass pedal! No circuitry in the way of your guitar and the tone you are trying to achieve at your amplifier.


  • Sturdy and built to last die cast aluminum casing
  • 18 AWG wiring (more copper than standard 22 AWG)
  • Rugged jacks and stomp switches to ensure durability
  • Dual LED that shows Red for A, and Blue for B
  • Can be powered by 2.1mm DC adapter (Boss style), 9v battery located inside the casing, or not at all!
  • True Bypass and Passive, so no signal loss, and will still function with no power, and circuit free!
  • Can be used to loop effects to turn multiple pedals on and off without having to 'dance' around your pedal board
  • Output A can be used as a Tuner Mute, so the circuitry of your tuner pedal doesn't degrade your guitars tone
  • Outputs A and B can be used to switch between amplifiers, or can be reversed to have 2 different guitars plugged in at once while using 'IN' as the output

Please Note! This pedal has a dual color LED, so one color will always be displayed if you have a DC jack or 9v battery powering it. If you prefer to have the LED turn on and off, we can equip a RED LED to the 'A' channel, and the 'B' channel will have no LED indicator. Please message us ASAP after purchase, or we will assume you want the dual LED option.

ALSO! This pedal is not to be confused with a tap tempo pedal or a loop pedal that creates repeating loops (ex: Line 6 DL4, Boss RC-2 Loop Station, etc). This pedal takes a chain of effects between the Send and Return and outputs to the amplifier.

All pedals are bench tested using real guitars and amplifiers to ensure functionality before shipping. All sales are final, so please be sure to ask any questions prior to purchase! However, if something is defective once it arrives, we will remedy the problem and pay return shipping within 30 days of the delivery date. Please understand we cannot accept returns on misused product. If we receive a broken product for troubleshooting and it shows signs of abuse, we reserve the right to deny the repair or charge a restocking fee.

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