Aether Electronic Lenore - Fuzz/Overdrive


Aether Electronic

Boost on the edge of breakup, classic grit, and thick overdrive, to raspy, textural chords, ripped speakers, and grinding, splatty decay.

Lenore is a Fuzz/Overdrive based on a particularly overlooked German circuit from the late 60's.

The circuit has been modified for modern, easier to obtain components. Some controls have been swapped out in favor of more interactive/practical options. This is not a 100% faithful recreation.

Three knobs, one toggle. Straightforward.

  • Gain
  • Starve
  • Volume
  • Mode Switch
    • [Mode 1] - Overdrive. 
    • [Mode 2] - Fuzz.

Assembled in a powder coated and hand-stamped 125B aluminum enclosure. High-quality 3PDT switch, alpha pots, aluminum knobs, and top mounted Switchcraft jacks. Powered by center-negative 9v adapter.

Wired point to point on tagboard.

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