Aescher Europa SRG V1 - Polyphonic Guitar Resonator


Aescher Europa

The SRG Resonator is a new effect device for any stringed instrument with ferromagnetic strings, including acoustic or electric 4 - 6 string bass and guitar, producing not only typical High frequency feedback effects, but also Low frequency bowed cello string effects on heavy gauge strings in LPF mode.

Unlike the Ebow - there are both monophonic and polyphonic SRG models for bass and guitar which can drive up to 6 strings at a time, each with independant control over effects and mute.

Unlike the Vibesware resonator - The SRG does not require the player to stand motionless in front of a mike stand, and does not require any pickups on the instrument.

Unlike Fernandes Sustainers - there is no need for modification to the instrument. The SRG drives strings via a strong magnetic field from highly inductive coils and high flux density neodymium core magnets. There are both handheld and mounted SRG models, so normal plectrum or finger attack is also possible during resonator operation. In HPF mode the SRG enhances harmonics and can create powerful and reproducible feedback harmonics at any sound volume, live on stage, in recording studios, and at home. even playing through headphones.

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