Adventure Audio Demogorgon Fuzz


Adventure Audio

A gnarly, snarly, dual stage fuzz that will get you when you least expect it. Things definitely get stranger when you kick on this multidimensional beast of a fuzz pedal. You are looking at two, high gain silicon fuzz circuits smashing into each other like two opposing realities. (Each with independent controls).

These bad boys are made one at a time, by hand in Rochester, NY by the rad dudes at Adventure Audio. So you know its good. Features include:

  • True Bypass (duh)
  • LED doubles as a "starve" control for dying battery sounds and new textures
  • Two Independently controlled fuzz circuits
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Acid etched enclosure by main.ace.fx
  • Custom firebranded wooden box with pedal riser lid
  • The only pedal in existence that knows exactly what happened to Barb. 

Rumor has it that only 11 of these creatures were made, and this monster is only available right here, right now. Don't sleep on this one. Or go out in your tool shed alone.

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