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A simple setup is first and foremost here, and the Aerodynamic Overdrive exudes tone and sparkle for days. The 3 main controls here are almost a given these days for any overdrive: Volume, Tone and Gain. This pedal is definitely in the low-to-mid gain drive category, so itÂ’s easy to get a nice, clean, shiny boost by turning down the Gain and cranking up the Volume, then setting the Tone to taste. The Gain itself has a decent range, especially when coupled with the 3-way toggle switch, which provides an extra added dimension to this stompbox.

The toggle switch alternates between a Low Gain setting, a High Gain setting and the main circuit only when placed in the center position. When flipped to the right, the Aerodynamic Overdrive utilizes Bat41 diodes for a symmetrical, low-gain tone, while the left side is a higher-gain option, using Germanium 1N34A asymmetrical diodes, providing a transparent sound that will also make your amp sing. Having these three differing options opens this baby up, and will lead to a lot of experimentation, while still keeping the overall feel of the pedal relatively simple.


  • Gain to control how much drive is sending to your amp 
  • Tone to control how fat or sparkle tone. 
  • Volume works over all control for the circuit. 
  • On-off toggle switch 
  • High-quality input jack and a standard negative center power jack. 

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