Addrock Geranium Fuzz


  • Output
    controls the output volume of the effect
  • Hi-Cut
    turns on a low-pass filter, cutting off the high frequencies
  • Fuzz
    controls the amount of fuzz
  • Input
    controls the input level of the effect. At higher gain settings a lot of effects can go into overdrive or distortion.



The germanium fuzz was the sound of late '60's rock. Artists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton were busy taking rock guitar to the next level and the sound of germanium fuzz was a cornerstone of their tone.

The Addrock Geranium Fuzz is based on the same legendary design that popularized the tone "back in the day" and through careful component selection and tuning it can deliver these tones and much more!

We start with carefully selected germanium transistors. The selection process includes several tests that involve electronic measurement that systematically eliminate duds. If the transistors pass these tests (and few do), they are then tested in circuit to ensure low noise and sweet tone. They are matched and tuned for consistency. The result is a fuzz that is sweet and smooth.

We've added an input control that allows you to limit the signal entering the pedal resulting in a cleaner or more saturated fuzz tone. The output control sort of does the same thing, but in a different way. The combination of the two can provide unlimited shades of fuzz. It sort of tunes the bottom end. Want more bottom? Crank up the input. Less bottom? Back off on the input a little. The high cut switch is not exactly a tone control (though careful listening will yield some tone cut), it's actually added to allow you to match the fuzz to different amps. It's generally accepted that fuzz sounds better through Marshall type amps and harsh through Fender style. With the high cut switch engaged, the Germanium Fuzz will sound just as sweet through your Fender!

A fuzz as a clean boost? Try this: Crank the output control up full and trn the fuzz all the way down. Roll back on the input to around 10:00. Now think of the fuzz controls as your output volume and bring it up slowly to the desired level. Adjust the input for the desired amount of bottom! Viola! Sweet transparent boost! Of course it's true bypass with an LED and a DC jack. The sounds of the '60's and then some - the Addrock Geranium Fuzz!

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