Addrock Electric Smile


  • Output
    output volume?
  • Intensity
    mix between the direct signal and a signal one octave higher?



The octave fuzz is a sound popularized in the late 60's. Used extensively by Jimi Hendrix, the octave fuzz has been "rediscovered" for it's unique tonal qualities.

Whether your stepping into the way back machine or into the next dimension, the Addrock Electric Smile can get you there in style.

The "Smile" has a fuzz that ranges from mild to wild without ever becoming "ice-picky" and gobs of smooth, fat bottom end. It sounds great by itself or add amp distortion or an overdrive for insane sustaining octave effects. Of course it's true bypass with an LED and a DC jack. Step on an Electric Smile, the pedal that smiles back at you!

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