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The ground-breaking MP-1 preamp was the rack-mount staple for a long list of touring bands in the late 80s and early 90s. Paul Gilbert, Kirk Hammett, Vito Bratta, Jamie Glaser, Bill Connors, Wayne Johnson, Dave Mason, Bruce Bouillet, Vernon Reid, Steve Bertek – just to name a few – created their unique tone with the MP-1. The new MP-1-CHANNEL lets you dial-in crystal clear clean tones, bluesy overdrives, sweet lead distortion to searing high-gains with sustain or bite. “British-boost” the mids or suck them out with the wide range ADA tone stack. Use the OD-1 and OD-2 to create even and odd harmonic distortion or crank them up to get today’s super high-gain and full-saturation for both bass and treble grind.

The MP-1-CHANNEL’s gain, voicing and tone stacks are the same design as the original MP-1 with a few modern enhancements, and we’ve added a True Bypass foot switch for seamless integration into your pedal board. Of course, the internal voltages are also the same as the original MP-1with 270 volts on the 12AX7 tubes.

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