A/DA Final Phase


  • Sweep Modulation
    controls the depth of a variable speed oscillator that adds to or modulates the main sweep, producing shimmering vibrato-like effects, asymmetrical sweep patterns, multiple phaser effects, modulated sweep, syncopated beats, etc.
  • Sweep Rate
    controls the speed at which the phase shift effect moves up and down the sound spectrum.
  • Range Control
    determines the limits of the automatic sweep functions (sweep rate and sweep modulation), with maximum range at the full clockwise setting. When using the control input (as mentioned above), the range control gives maximum range to the control input when set to full counter-clockwise position.
  • Intensity
    a regenerated (peaking) to the phasing effects. sounds ranging from hollow tubes to intensified "wahs" are obtainable.
  • Overdrive
    adds a variable amount of distortion to the input signal. Sounds ranging from a thunderous "jet-phase lead" to subtle, smooth "tube amp" harmonic distortion are easily produced.
  • Overdrive (switch)
    turns the distortion on/off



The ADA Final Phase was originally designed by Lee Powell in 1977. It used Vactec opto-coupled resistors and a very unique phase shift circuit along with a "one knob" distortion that keeps the level constant with different amounts of distortion. When David heard it, he was intrigued by the depth of the phasing. The original Final Phase design was shipped for only a few months and replaced with a more stable and manufacturable design using switched capacitors instead of the Vactecs in 1978. This preserved the "high-Q" sound of the phaser and broadened the sweep range.


  • Input impedance
    1 megohm
  • Output impedance
    300 ohms
  • Maximum input level
    6 dBm
  • Sweep rate
    12 Hz to 30 seconds
  • Modulation rate
    20 Hz to 2 seconds
  • "Q"
  • Control voltage range
    0 to +5 volts

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