Acoustic Imaginearing


    Acoustic Imaginearing is run by Allen Myers in Manassas, Virginia, USA.

    Timeline (by Allen Myers)

    • March 2003: I submitted a patent application for a design to capture sound from vibrating objects using microwaves.
    • May 2003: Acoustic Imaginearing was formed by myself and Daniel Decker to experiment with the new patent to make coil-less pickups and microphones.
    • August 2004: Patent approved for Microwave Sound Pickup Device.
    • 2007: Focus shifted to distorting sound through quantum mechanical tunneling.
    • 2008: First QuantumDrive Distortion/Overdrive units are made.
    • July/August 2008: Tony Levin uses the QuantumDrive at the 400th anniversary of Quebec and on tour with King Crimson.
    • August 2008: Roine Stolt uses the QuantumDrive on tour with The Flower Kings.
    • August 2009: Roine Stolt records with the QuantumDrive on the Transatlantic album "The Whirlwind".
    • September 2010: Allan Holdsworth owns a QuantumDrive

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