AC Noises Esplora - Fuzz


AC Noises

Esplora means "explore".

This effect pedal is a very modern and versatile fuzz that offers many tonal possibilities. It has two toggle switches: the left one allows to bypass the tone filter, making the tone knob inactive and releasing all the frequencies available to the output and transforming the pedal in a very roaring effect. The right one gives brightness to the gain, boosting the high frequencies and making the sound more aggressive.

The ESPLORA can make the difference for any musical genre which needs a real sonic boost, allowing to play the classic fuzzy sound or experimenting with the endless options that this pedal offers.

  • True bypass switching.
  • Power requirement: 9v
  • Hand-assembled circuit and selected electronic components for the best quality.
  • Digital printed graphic for a longer lifetime.
  • Hand-built and designed in Italy.

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