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I know, everybody and their grandmother makes a booster based on the Dallas Rangemaster. Probably because they just sound good. They’re a classic staple. An “oldie, but a goodie”. This is our version, the Yellow Sunshine. It’s the classic Dallas Rangemaster germanium treble boost circuit with an optional full range boost and tone control, so you can dial in the sweet spot for your rig and/or place in the mix. Classic rock in a box. From Blues Breakers to Black Sabbath, this and a nice tube amp is how it's done.

Controls & Features:

  • Switchable “Color” and “Brite” modes.  Â“Brite” is the classic 60's Dallas Rangemaster treble boost circuit. Switching to “Color” mode gives you a full range booster, allowing you to blend the exact shade of tones you need. I love the original Rangemasters, but theyÂ’re just too bright for many rigs.  I also love the darker sounding Iommi/Sabbath style modded versions, but I donÂ’t like how they color the top end and donÂ’t allow you the get the same bright glassy “present” Rangemaaster tone.  So, the Yellow Sunshine does both.
  • “Color”  Use this to blend tones from bright to a full range boost, and trim the extreme highs.  You can basically use this to pick whatever tone color best suits your palate.
  • “Boost”  Use this to set the boost volume to taste, anywhere from jangly clean boost to overdriven. (There is also an internal bias trimmer if you would like to adjust bias to taste.  These boosters come pre-set from us for ~ 6.7V @ room temperature (~70F).

Noiseless Switching. Unlike most other Dallas Rangemaster based boosters, the Yellow Sunshine has completely noiseless switching with no "pop" for a seamless audio transition when switching the pedal on and off. Some add one or two "pull down" resistors to the circuit to reduce switching noise.  Acid Fuzz goes the extra mile adding an additional circuit to slow down and smooth out any inrush current for completely silent switching.

You can choose between our standard germanium transistor, New Old Stock Texas Instruments OC44, or New Old Stock Mullard OC44/CV7003 black glass transistor.* All Yellow Ssunshines come loaded with vintage Mullard/Philips “Tropical Fish” input and output capacitors, Roederstein or Philips high-quality electrolytic capacitors, yellow status LED indicator and a 9V DC power jack & noiseless true bypass switching.

*TI OC44 is the Texas Instruments branded OC44.  They are slightly brighter than the Mullard when set to "bright" mode. So, if you like a lot of treble in your treble boost, this is the best option.  

**CV7003 is Mullard Military Spec. version of the OC44.  Most original Dallas Rangemaster treble boosters came loaded with a Mullard OC44 or OC71.  These Mil. Spec. CV7003/OC44's are vintage 1960's production and are the highest quality Mullard OC44 you can get.  Amazing tone, low noise, zero leakage NOS transistors. For a limited time only!

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