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Acid Fuzz

The Acid Fuzz MK 1.5 is a faithful clone of the MK 1.5 Tone Bender  made by Sola Sounds in 1965.  This fuzz is extremely close in design and sound to the Arbiter Fuzz Face, the main difference being the use of OC75 transistors.  If you're looking for a MK 1.5 Tone Bender or Fuzz Face, but don't want to pay $1,000+, this is the best bang for the buck.  100% hand made including hand selected germanium transistor pair with correct gain and leakage for accurate reproduction of the classic 60's tone.

This is the perfect gigging pedal as it is built like a tank + you can leave it plugged in on a pedal board without killing the battery by using the built in on/off switch.  The pedal powers on when a 1/4" cable is inserted in to the input.  However, when switched to the "off" position the battery is completely disconnected from the circuit so it can be left plugged in on a pedal board. Since germanium transistors are notoriously temperature sensitive the MK 1.5 also includes an adjustable "bias" control to compensate for various room temperatures and to get nasty splatty dying battery and buzzing chainsaw sounds as well.  Original 60's germanium tone benders have been known to just stop working if temperatures get too extreme.  When the bias control is set in the middle the sound is like the original Sola Sound unit.  If the room is very cold, turn the bias a bit clockwise to compensate.  It it's very warm, turn it a bit counter clockwise.  You can also adjust the bias to any degree off center to get different sounds.  As the original Sola Sound Tone Benders can be a bit woolly, the Acid Fuzz MK 1.5 also features a "tone" switch for a modest cut in the lower frequencies.

The sound of this pedal is like a really nice germanium Fuzz Face.  Plenty of fuzz + still cleans up well with your guitars volume control.  This one is extremely faithful to the original sound, more versatile, reliable, and less expensive.


  • hand selected NOS OC75 germanium transistors
  • adjustable bias control
  • tone switch/bass boost
  • on/off power switch
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Alpha foot switch
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • shielded signal cables for low noise
  • 60's Mullard tropical fish caps
  • wired PNP positive ground just like the originals
  • battery included

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