Acid Fuzz NKT275 Acid Fuzz Face


Acid Fuzz

Limited run of NKT275 Acid Fuzz Face pedals


  • VOLUME: "Drop", as in turn left to drop the volume and kill the power.
  • FUZZ: "Acid", as in "Yeah... What's happenin' brother we gotta little thing called Foxy Lady... my fingers will move as you see but you won't you hear no sounds as you hear, but dig this..."  J.M.H. Monterey , 1967.


  • Volume control integrated ON/OFF power switch.
  • Internal bias trimmer.
  • Components:
  • New Old Stock Newmarket NKT275 germanium transistor pair.
  • Input capacitor is unkown wacky old film capacitor found in a bin at APEX.
  • Philips electrolytic cap.
  • Philips “chicklet” HQ output cap.

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