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Acid Fuzz

This rather mysterious and esoteric device was Syd Barrett's main dirt and drive during his time with the Pink Floyd.  This is an exact replica and is loaded with the original trio of three RCA 2N2613 germanium transistors.  It's not a fuzz.  It's a dirty full range booster that also adds some nice amp like qualities and coloring to your sound.  This is a VERY LOUD pedal and will push the input of your amp in to Interstellar Overdrive...


  • "Depth" and "Volume" controls.
  • NOS 2N2613 Germanium transistors.
  • Powered for ~ eternity on two "AA" Zinc-Carbon batteries.
  • Integrated On/Off switch on the "Volume" control, so you can leave it plugged in without draining the batteries.

Limited Edition.

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