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Acid Fuzz

The Acid Fuzzer Mark III is based on the vintage jumbo 3 knob MKIII bender. Three NOS germanium transistors provide very organic sound that's smooth, rich, and saturated without getting mushy and losing definition. This one's loaded with one 2G381 and two AC125 germanium transistors. Same basic sound as the original Jumbo 3 knob, but juiced for a bit more gain and output, if you need it. The most modern sounding fuzz in the Acid Fuzz line to date, not so much mid '60's garage as late '60's early '70's stoner rock. Similar saturation and long sustain levels to a Professional MKII, but the addition of the tone circuit allows for dialing in the exact tone you need + also works amazing with bass guitar. Back off the FUZZ knob and you've got a sweet overdrive.

As the originals take up a ton of real estate on a pedal board, this one's built on wacky double sided vintage bakelite tag board, allowing the jumbo circuit to be squeezed in to a 125B size enclosure. The Acid Fuzzer Mark III is also available in the Jumbo oversized enclosures for those that want it. Same JUMBO sound, plus some, in a more pedal board friendly enclosure. A mini Mark III.


  • Three hand selected NOS germanium transistors
  • Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Alpha pots
  • True Bypass wiring
  • Vintage Bakelite tagboard construction
  • Battery included

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