Abraxas Sound MkI Fuzz


Abraxas Sound

This is your chance to own a hand wired rebuild of the mighty Sola Sound Tonebender MkI circuit in a Hurst MkI Jeff beck style wooden enclosure.

  • fantastic harmonics
  • long thick sustain with both single and double coil pickups
  • incredibly reactive to guitar controls
  • amazing clarity
  • Trim pots have been added to the circuit in order to properly bias so fundamentally this is a better pedal in design than a Sola Sound MkI
  • Sounds awesome!!!
  • Carefully selected components
  • classy looking solid figured & spalted white ash enclosure
  • The board is P2P hand wired
  • Carefully selected NOS Germanium transistors
  • Carbon comp resistors
  • high grade caps
  • Shielded wire
  • Alpha toe switch wired with true signal bypass
  • Quality pots
  • Quality sockets
  • rubber feet
  • 9V battery

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