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Digital delay, analog delays, why should the technology behind them determine their sound so much? what is there about analog delay that is so desirable that is lacking from digital? Well, for starters digital allows the repeated notes to be exact copies of the original, analog has to use stronger filtering on the repeats therefore loosing high frequency content giving the warm sound associated with them. Some analog delays, like tape echoes also introduce some distortion and wobble, plus a key musical artifact, each repeat is also noticeably lower fidelity than the previous one, making the repeats distinct among themselves also.

This was the background for the Rebote Delay, first the dry signal is conveyed to the output maintaining exceptional integrity, then each repeat is filtered in a way that resembles tape technology, while using a digital chip to do the signal delay. When pushing the limits of delay time, the quality of the repeats degrades allowing distinct tone between the dry signal and the repeats. The controls allow for a wide variety of inspiring rhythmic echoes that sound musical and decay naturally, from slap back echo to 560mS of delay.

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