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Abominable Electronics

Our newest product, The Toke Machine, is a ballsy vintage fuzz with octave switch

Thick and meaty fuzz tuned with heavy guitar AND bass in mind, you can control the pedal through 3 pots -> Volume, Tone, Fuzz; an LED clipping toggle that lights up the fire in the church and adds even more thickness to the tone, and an octave footswitch which brings on a chaotic sounding octave up tone on top of it all. 

We've added more bass in the tone stack and input caps to give this effect a very bass friendly sound. If you keep the tone knob all the way counterclockwise you can get massive low end along with the effect. As you turn the tone knob up it will thin out your signal and w/ the Octave switch on will create an almost lo-fi, up octave, ear shredding sound! 

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