Abominable Electronics Throne Torcher - HM-2 Clone with Extras


Abominable Electronics

Our friend Jay (Harms Way, Black X) came to us with a request to build him an HM-2 clone with the ability to dial out some of the harshness that the Boss pedal had. We worked together and came up with this pedal. 

Built based on the Boss HM-2 circuit, we've added our own flair to this legend of shred with a Mids control, LED clipping footswitch (just like the Hail Satan) which will light up the burning church when engaged as well as provide a significant boost in the effect (really fattens the tone), and we've also used the magical Russian diodes from the Klon Centaur in the circuit, all to give it an incredible sound. 

As always, each enclosure is screen Printed and roughed up by hand.

All of our pedals are True Bypass and built with top quality metal film resistors, box film caps, and quality transistors and ICs.

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