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By far our most ambitious project yet, the Sunnbather is an accurate clone of the Sunn Beta Bass preamp. 

The pedal features both Channels - A & B. Each channel has it's own Gain, EQ, & Volume controls. There is a master volume control & a clean blend so the low end & clarity of your bass or guitar tone is not lost when the effect is engaged. 

Once the effect is engaged you can either switch between Channel A & Channel B. Each channel has a LED indicator above the A/B footswitch to let you know what channel it is on. You also have the ability to hit the most right footswitch to combine Channel A & B. You can then use the volume controls for each channel to blend the two together. 

In addition to being used as an effects pedal, there is also a separate "Preamp Out" jack on the top of the pedal so that you can run the pedal into a power amp of your choice and use it as a dedicated preamp. We've run the Sunnbather into a 70s Sunn Coliseum Slave and compared it to the sound of an actual Sunn Beta Bass head doing the same and could tell no difference between the two. 

We've also engineered a custom charge pump circuit that boosts your 9v DC power to the voltage needed to run the circuit. This means you can use your pedal power or a much more available / cheaper standard 9v DC adapter. The current draw is approx 250ma. 

As with all of our effects, the pedal is built using top of the line parts (Switchcraft jacks, True Bypass footswitches, & board parts purchased from Digikey).

6 color screen printed enclosure (all printed by hand) features metallic inks as well as a glow in the dark yellow layer.

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