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By far the most badass looking (and sounding!) TS9 circuit you will ever see!

We've taken the Tube Screamer TS9 circuit and tweaked a few things:

  • More low end via input cap change, our version doesn't suck out the meat in your tone.
  • LED clipping footswitch swaps the stock silicon diodes with 3mm LEDs which slightly boosts the circuit AND adds a little more "gruff" to it. These LEDs are mounted to the enclosure inside of the eyes of the monster so you can see them light up as you play!
  • We've added a toggle switch to swap the 2 resistors in the output buffer between those in the ts9 and the 808 version of the circuit. These 2 resistors are the only differences between the 2 versions which allows you to essentially have two pedals in one.
  • We've also added a 2nd toggle switch that boosts the amount of gain you can get out of the pot so you can make it sound even nastier!

All of these features are stuffed into a 7 color hand screen printed enclosure!

All our pedals are built with top quality box film caps and metal film resistors and are built 100% true bypass. 

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