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It's finally here! The Deluxe Hail Satan muff has EVERY possible feature you'd ever need in a fuzz pedal. 

The Deluxe has everything that the original Hail Satan has along with the following additions:

  • CLEAN BLEND: This is a must have for bass players (and guitarists alike!). We've separated the volume control into a Dirt and Clean control. You can blend the effect with your clean signal for more clarity, low end, and definition. This feature works best when the Buffer switch is on.
  • BUFFER SWITCH: In order to boost your clean signal to match the level of the effect we've added an onboard buffer that is switchable so that you can also get the original pickup loading, raw, viable sound that the normal hail satan provides. The buffer only engages when the effect is engaged. Even when not using the clean blend the buffer is great for even more clarity, sparkle and even extra gain (if you thought it was even possible!).
  • RUSSIAN MODE SWITCH: We're saving you some extra cash by putting a toggle that takes you to the sound the Green Russian version of the Hail Satan brings. This is a much smoother tone that is very appealing for creamy bass. 
  • HIGHS CONTROL: We wanted to give you absolute control of the tone and added a highs pot to top things off. 
  • ADDITIONAL SPECS: This time we filled the boards with top quality box film caps and metal film resistors. The input and output jacks are also moved to the top so that the larger enclosure size eats up less room on your board. It also sports a new bare metal enclosure with a glow in the dark green cross as well as a layer of white and black ink. 

The eyes still light up when the 2nd foot switch engages the led clipping mode!!

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