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The Abominable "Hail Satan" muff is based on the infamous Big Muff circuit but is tweaked in a way that has built an entirely new monster. A lot more crunch and metallic overtones make it unlike anything you can buy off the shelf at your local music store. 

In addition to the normal Volume, Tone, and Sustain controls, we've added an additional control for the Mids. This allows you to add a much fuller sound to the tone of the pedal. 

Also, we've added a second footswitch that when engaged will switch from the stock silicon diodes to a louder and crunchier sounding 5mm Red LED diodes in the distortion clipping. Not only does this put the effect into full on "hail satan mode" audibly, but the eyes of the goat head will also light up red with the actual LEDs that are in the circuit. As the intensity of your playing increases the eyes will light up to match. 

All of our pedals are True Bypass and built with top quality metal film resistors, box film caps, and quality transistors and ICs. 

The enclosure itself is hand printed with a 3-color screen printed graphic and a thin clear coat applied on top.

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