Abominable Electronics God Botherer - Fuzz Phaser


Abominable Electronics

We've taken the Hail Satan circuit and sent it through a Phase 90 circuit with a few mods to create this ultimate RIFF PEDAL!

When you engage the pedal, both of the demon's eyes light up red and PULSE with the rate of the phaser. As you turn the rate up the eyes flash faster and faster!

  • VOLUME: Controls the volume of the effect
  • TONE: Controls the tone of the effect
  • RATE: Controls the rate of the Phaser
  • VIBE: Flip this switch up to alter the phase to have a vibe type sound
  • VINTAGE: Removes the feedback loop in phase circuit which gives the phaser a more smooth & vintage sound

Each pedal is screen printed, built, wired by hand. Due to the demand of our products there is currently a 5-9 week wait for all new orders.

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