Abominable Electronics Don't Shred on Me Deluxe


Abominable Electronics

The Don't Shred on Me Deluxe is all the great stuff from the Don't Shred on Me but with these new additions:

  • Clean Blend: Mix your signal with the effect to add clarity. This is especially useful for bass as most distortion pedals suck out the low end and by blending your original signal you can bring back the low end and clarity most other pedals destroy. 
  • Death: Control the amount of low frequency in the distortion - thicken it up or roll back to remove it
  • Doom: Control the amount of high frequency in the distortion - add that trebly harshness that cuts your ears so nicely
  • Destroy Footswitch: Turn on LED clipping to boost / thicken then distortion and light up the two LEDs in the artwork as you play! 

Each pedal is screen printed and built by hand - it's possible for it to taken 5-9 weeks when we are really busy, it's worth the wait though!

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