Abominable Electronics Oppressive Cult Destroyer


Abominable Electronics

This distortion / overdrive pedal can reach from the most subtle barely there overdrive to crunchy metal and everything in between. Especially tuned for bass, this is a no brainer if you are playing bass in a heavy band. This pedal is also perfect for guitar!

  • Charge pump circuit to turn your 9v into 18v so the circuit runs at an optimal voltage resulting in more headroom (which is great for bass players)
  • Standard Volume, Tone, and Gain controls
  • Boost Toggle: A simple output boost, adds a little more sparkle
  • Bass Toggle: Bass frequencies are boosted, if you are playing bass, this switch should always be up! 
  • Destroy Footswitch: This switches between the stock Mosfet distortion clipping (w/ added klon germanium diode) and LED clipping. Engaging this will result in a louder / more brutal sound and will also light up the reaper's eyes as you play!

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